Hello! My name is Mansour

I am a Web Developer based in Dublin. I have spent the last 4 years immersed in web design and development. I have been applying human centered design techniques to a range of UI concept and wireframe for different interactive systems to optimize user experience, and to achieve the desired goal.

I have been working on multiple project with unique objectives and users. I design and develop website, interactive systems, as well as application for mobile devices. I also have experience on back-end development and performance testing.

Some of the things I am not good at are singing and gambling, so If you would like to learn anything more about me, please do not hesitate to get in touch below.

How I Work

  • Research

    Human-Computer Interaction
    User Centered Design
    Contextual Design
    Usability Testing

  • Wireframing

    Understanding the user
    What the user wants
    Context of use
    Envisionment & Low fidelity Prototyping

  • Design

    Evaluating and selecting design solutions
    Design Tools: Photoshop

  • Develop

    Programming Languages:
    HTML / CSS / Javascript
    Python / MongoDB ...